Source Quality Connected to the land Professionalism Innovation

Source The birthplace of arbequina olives The village of Arbeca provides the name for the famous Arbequina olive, since its expansion into Spain was through this small town in the region of Les Garrigues.

Quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil with Les Garrigues PDO “Oli d’Arbeca” Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an oil with the characteristics of the producing area, Les Garrigues. The weather characteristics of this area give a distinguishing feature that can be perceived in the taste of the oil.

Connected to the land Direct from the farmer to your table The fact that it is a direct product from the farmer, without intermediaries or complex industrial processes, is a guarantee for consumers and contributes to value to the land that produces it.

Professionalism In the experience of our farmers We add the professionalism of a team that is at the service of our customers.

Innovation A Strategic Plan Arbequina has developed a three-year plan with Vision, Mission, Objectives and Values that are well defined and constantly enable innovation from production to service, adapting to changing times.

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